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Transitioning from a nurse to an MD - Surviving the MCAT [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Surviving the MCAT

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Transitioning from a nurse to an MD [Apr. 2nd, 2007|06:54 pm]
Surviving the MCAT


I assume most of you folks are either in the process of taking MCAT or have taken it already. I was curious to ask a few things, and searching on the internet seems to be difficult. How easy is it for a nurse to enter medical school? I've always wanted to be a doctor, and although I love nursing, I find myself wanting to be an OB/GYN the more I'm on my unit. I'd love to be able to do such a transition but I've been told that with becoming an MD, there is a certain age limit (not sure what that means) and I'm not sure how much school/residency is needed to get done with everything and finally become an OB/GYN. I've got my B.S. in nursing and my GPA was about a 3.2 (yeah sucks). I'm 28 years old and....uuuh that's it. So what advice can you send my way!? Help a sista' out!

[User Picture]From: maribella_ella
2007-04-03 04:51 pm (UTC)
You may want to try posting this over in premed. I bet you'd get more responses.

I don't really know much about RN to MD, but have you thought about becoming a nurse practitioner? From what I hear, they can do pretty much everything MDs can do, and I'd bet you are already part way there, being a nurse.

Also, you could try making an appointment with a nearby Medical School's Admissions office. I bet they would be willing to talk to you to discuss you options.
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