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mcat_survival's Journal

Surviving the MCAT
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This is a new community to offer support for those preparing for and writing the MCAT (medical college admissions test). I noticed that there really wasn't any LJ-specific MCAT communities so I decided to create this one. Feel free to join & share your strategies, resources, stories, suggestions, and vent your frustrations. Tell us what school(s) you attend(ed), what prep materials you are using, where you are from, why you want to write the MCAT (med, vet, pharm, etc), and when you plan to write it. :)

Moderated by miss_tina

The usual rules apply:
* No petty arguments, no spam, no hate, etc. or you will be banned. BE NICE!
* I don't care if you promote other communities here as long as they are related.
* Private sales of prep materials is okay but trying to promote online stores, eBay listings, etc. is really not welcome.